POLAROID trailer features a cursed camera, film due August 25, 2017!

Dimension Films has released the first trailer for the upcoming horror film POLAROID. The film follows a teenager who stumbles upon a vintage Polaroid camera that also happens to kill everyone who gets their picture taken with it. The concept is simple, and I like that. It’s familiar because it works. THE RING. FINAL DESTINATION. IT FOLLOWS. They’re all about an unstoppable approaching force of death and they all work in different ways. With a concept like this it’s all about the execution — it can be very hit-or-miss.

POLAROID is the feature debut for director Lars Klevberg, adapting from his Norwegian short film of the same name, which earned critical acclaim when it made the festival rounds in 2015. The trailer has a sheen of that studio sameness that makes me skeptical of some films, but it also displays a couple cool concepts that could lead to some great set pieces. LIGHTS OUT started out a short with a strong but simple concept and worked so well as a feature because of the execution, I’m hoping that will be the case for POLAROID as well.

POLAROID stars Kathryn Prescott, Mitch Pileggi, Grace Zabriskie, Tyler Young, Keenan Tracey, Samantha Logan, Priscilla Quintana, and Madelaine Petsch and opens August 25.


Final ATOMIC BLONDE trailer delivers new action icon, film due July 28, 2017!

Focus Features has released the final ATOMIC BLONDE trailer. Directed by JOHN WICK co-director David Leitch—whose next project is helming DEADPOOL 2—the film stars Charlize Theron as a lethal MI6 assassin who is sent to Berlin to deliver a dossier, only to become caught up in a web of espionage and intrigue that’s as complex as it is deadly.

The film looks bloody, brutal, and an absolute delight as Theron just wails on anyone who gets in her way. This new trailer gives a look not only at the fights, but also the car stunts that Leitch is pulling off, and it all looks terrific. While hopefully the story and characters are up to snuff, I have no doubt that the action scenes are going to be mind-blowing and the Theron can handle whatever the movie throws at her.

ATOMIC BLONDE also stars Sofia Boutella, James McAvoy, John Goodman, Eddie Marsan, and Toby Jones and opens in theaters on July 28th.

20th Century Fox sets release dates for six mystery Marvel films!

Don’t expect 20th Century Fox to quit making superhero movies anytime soon. While the studio is now firmly moving forward with a new wave of Marvel comics adaptations like NEW MUTANTS, DEADPOOL 2, and X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX—all hitting theaters in 2018—the studio has now gone ahead and staked out release dates for six more mysterious (i.e. untitled) movies based on Marvel comics. The dates are as follows:

  • June 7, 2019
  • November 22, 2019
  • March 13, 2020
  • June 26, 2020
  • October 2, 2020
  • March 5, 2021

This isn’t exactly new. Fox did this a few years ago for films that turned out to be LOGAN, NEW MUTANTS, DEADPOOL 2, and DARK PHOENIX, so the question here is what these movies might be. We know the Deadpool franchise is thriving, so one of these is probably eyed for DEADPOOL 3 while another is no doubt the X-FORCE movie that’s in development. That film will expand upon the characters introduced in DEADPOOL 2, and last we heard Joe Carnahan is writing and may potentially direct, so the wheels have been in motion on these films for a bit as Fox learned from DEADPOOL and LOGAN that they can craft distinct, inventive spins on these characters while maintaining a loosely connected universe.

Then there’s the main X-MEN franchise, which continues with next year’s DARK PHOENIX written and directed by Simon Kinberg. X-MEN: APOCALYPSE had a mixed reception, so it’ll be interesting to see how DARK PHOENIX turns out and what it means for the franchise going forward. It’s possible it rekindles audience interest and the younger characters—Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, etc.—pick up the mantle going forward. We’ll also likely see FANTASTIC FOUR come back in some form, because in order to keep its license and prevent the characters from reverting to Marvel Studios, Fox has to make some sort of FANTASTIC FOUR movie by the end of 2021.

So yeah, we don’t know exactly what films are set for these release dates just yet, and it’s also entirely possible Fox doesn’t know either—if NEW MUTANTS is a hit that’ll definitely spawn a sequel, but if not something else may take that follow-up’s intended release date.

Evan Peters confirmed to return for X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX as Quicksilver!

When the initial casting information started to surface for X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX, there was one bummer of an absence. While it’s pleasantly surprising to see that James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, and Nicholas Hoult are re-upping their contracts to return for the X-MEN: APOCALYPSE sequel, one of the best parts of this new iteration of the franchise—Evan Peters’ Quicksilver—was not mentioned. It was unclear if Peters had a schedule conflict with ‘American Horror Story’ or what, but his name was not in those initial reports.

There’s no reason to fret, however, as THR now confirms that Peters will indeed be reprising his role as Quicksilver in DARK PHOENIX, while adding that ‘The Next Step’ actor Lamar Johnson is joining the film in a role that’s currently being kept under wraps. Peters’ Quicksilver was actually the butt of a joke before his debut in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, as many pegged Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s impending turn as the same character in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON as the better bet. But when we saw both films we realized that Peters was doing something really special with the character, while director Bryan Singer had devised a complicated sequence that showed off Quicksilver’s full powers.

Quicksilver had the standout scene in both DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and APOCALYPSE, so it’ll be interesting to see how he’s put to use in DARK PHOENIX. If they keep the timeline of these last two films and jump to the 90s, there’s plenty of opportunities for a great needledrop—”The Power”, anyone? The sequel is marking the directorial debut of X-MEN writer/producer Simon Kinberg, who’s cutting his teeth on a massive film with a daunting cast. In addition to the aforementioned performers, Tye Sheridan, Sophie Turner, Alexandra Shipp, and Kodi Smit-McPhee will all be returning after making their debuts in APOCALYPSE as Cylcops, Jean Grey, Storm, and Nightcrawler, respectively. Jessica Chastain is also said to be in talks to play the film’s villain, Lilandra, but it doesn’t sound like that deal has closed yet so it’s possible someone else ends up filling that role.

Production on X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX begins in Montreal this week, so we should be hearing more about the film soon. I’m especially curious to find out who’s serving as Kinberg’s cinematographer. The film is slated for release on November 2, 2018.

Patty Jenkins confirms she’ll return to direct WONDER WOMAN 2!

After directing the worldwide smash that is Warner Bros.’ WONDER WOMAN, you’d think that it would be a foregone conclusion that Patty Jenkins would return to the helm of the inevitable sequel. But it’s been about a month since the film’s record-breaking debut and we’ve yet to hear official confirmation that Jenkins will be back. That fact has clearly been on the in-vogue director’s mind.

During a recent screening of WONDER WOMAN, and in the Q&A that followed, Jenkins confessed that she’s come to a sort of understanding about her role in the success of the film and her unique opportunity to continue the story. Jenkins also happens to be in a fantastic position to bargain with studio brass since she was only contracted for one film going into WONDER WOMAN‘s release. Star Gal Gadot, however, is attached for a follow-up, meaning that Jenkins would be returning to work with a cast and crew that already found success during production. It’d be insane not to bring Jenkins back.

Here’s what Jenkins told the cheering crowd at the Women in Film screening (via Advocate):

“I had an epiphany about Wonder Woman 2. I was like, you don’t have to do this. It doesn’t have to be a foregone conclusion that you do Wonder Woman 2. But then as I was falling asleep I had an epiphany. I was like, Wait a minute. You have the greatest character of all time that you love dearly, with a cast that you love sitting at the palm of your hand at this day and age — you can do whatever you want with them — are you crazy?And then I suddenly realized, it’s not more, it’s another movie. It’s its own movie. And it’s got to be great.

It’s a continuation of the same character, but there’s a great, entirely different story to be told. With this character in our—in the world, that’s fun, because now she exists, just funny, and also says something profound about the world we’re in right now.”

Though it’s far from an official confirmation, Jenkins certainly seems convinced that she’s back for WONDER WOMAN 2. And while it doesn’t tell us much about the sequel, it suggests that the story will take place in the modern era rather than a blast from our historical past. Expect JUSTICE LEAGUE to give us some sort of hint of where Diana’s story might be going.

Adam Wingard’s Netflix DEATH NOTE adapatation gets new trailer, film due August 25, 2017!

Netflix has released the new, full-length DEATH NOTE trailer for the highly anticipated adaptation. Based on the Japanese manga of the same name, the film follows a high school student (Nat Wolff) who comes across a supernatural notebook that has the power to kill those whose names are inscribed upon it. The film is directed by Adam Wingard (YOU’RE NEXT) with a script by Charley & Vlas Parlapanides (IMMORTALS) and Jeremy Slater (TV’s ‘The Exorcist’).

Wingard has been vocal about the fact that this is a new interpretation of the manga and not a straight adaptation (he offers a comparison to THE DEPARTED as an adaptation of INFERNAL AFFAIRS), and indeed that’s what we see here with the Seattle setting and largely American cast of characters. Wingard showed with THE GUEST that he could ably tackle a thriller that’s not just straight horror, and DEATH NOTE appears to expand his horizons even further, combining those two genres on a larger, more terrifying scale. There’s an added level of anticipation here as Wingard was recently tapped to take the helm of Warner Bros. and Legendary’s big-budget GODZILLA VS KONG movie.

This trailer is appropriately terrifying, especially as it relates to Willem Dafoe‘s mysterious performance, and I’m really curious to check the whole thing out myself. DEATH NOTE also stars Margaret Qualley and Lakeith Stanfield and hits Netflix on August 25th.

JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE trailer changes the game, film due December 22, 2017!

Sony has released the first JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE trailer. The film centers on four high schoolers who, during their time in detention, come across the ancient, powerful game Jumanji, and are sucked into the game world. Once there, they take on the appearance of avatars played by Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black.

This looks like a fun twist on the Jumanji premise. Instead of having the game world come into our world, it looks like the film will play with videogame tropes. It’s also poking fun at the conventions of video games as Gillan’s teenager notes that her avatar’s skimpy outfit is completely inappropriate for the jungle. Hopefully, the rest of the movie maintains that satiric outlook while also letting the actors have fun playing their inner teenager whether it be a shy nerd, tough jock, or mean girl.

JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE opens December 22nd and also stars Missi Pyle, Bobby Cannavale, Rhys Darby, Tim Matheson, and Nick Jonas.