CREED’s Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan re-team for education scandal pic WRONG ANSWER!

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Writer/director Ryan Coogler and star Michael B. Jordan have found phenomenal success in their first two feature films together: FRIITVALE STATION and CREED, and their third, BLACK PANTHER, is currently in post-production. (I’m guessing that quite a few folks will turn out to see that one.) This time around, however, they’ve recruited ‘Black Panther’ comic writer, The Atlantic correspondent, and award-winning writer Ta-Nehisis Coates to pen the script, just to make their next project all the more amazing.

And as Deadline reports, that next project will be WRONG ANSWER, a dramatic retelling of the 2013 education scandal in which Atlanta-area school educators organized cheating on organized tests. Coates will be adapting Rachel Aviv‘s 2014 article about the notorious affair in The New Yorker.

The true-life tale tells of Damany Lewis (Jordan), a Parks Middle School math teacher who found himself a part of the scandal regarding standardized tests under the No Child Left Behind program, a program originally designed to boost test scores in American schools. However, Lewis’ students were severely underprivileged and their declining test scores threatened to close the school itself. Already a teacher, as well as a football, soccer, and softball coach and a chess club founder, Lewis opted to try to cheat those test scores upward, becoming part of U.S. history’s largest academic cheating scandal ever; 11 teachers were ultimately convicted of racketeering.

It’s worth noting that Aviv’s article paints Lewis in a heroic light; both Lewis and Aviv are consultants on the project. New Regency and Plan B have set up the picture, following up on their collaborations for Oscar-winners THE BIG SHORT and 12 YEARS A SLAVE. Jordan, meanwhile, has the starring role of Guy Montag in writer-director Ramin Bahrani‘s TV movie adaptation ‘Fahrenheit 451’ coming up soon for HBO, opposite Sofia Boutella and Michael Shannon.


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