Box Office: TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT takes first with worst franchise opening

Michael Bay‘s TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT will indeed lead the box office this weekend with an estimated $69 million in total. Mind you, that’s over a five-day opening stretch, giving ample time for the franchise’s fanbase to see the movie at least once, if not two times. Just for some contrast, over a three-day opening, the previous TRANSFORMERS film, AGE OF EXTINCTION, made well over $100 million.

Of course, as I discussed yesterday, it’s likely that Bay’s latest take on robots in disguise will be saved, or given a few mattresses to land on at the very least, by the foreign box office, where it has been a far bigger hit than it is here. This is also true of THE MUMMY and the latest PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie, both of which were endlessly savaged by critics and did not bring in domestic audiences in any remarkable way. That this may be the reason that I will have to endure the unyielding marketing campaign of for not one but several movies centered on a yellow Camaro-alien-robot who cannot speak is a sad state of affairs.

The good news and bad news? Wonder Woman, which held steady in the second spot with $25.2 million, hopefully should spur a boatload of female-fronted and female-directed movies from the big studios, but there’s no sign that this will stick beyond a few exciting exceptions already in pre-production. Meanwhile, the fifth and largely unwanted TRANSFORMERS movie and the even more unnecessary third CARS movie, which came in with $25.2 million to come in third place after a bit of a dogfight with WONDER WOMAN, continue to make it easy to just say “re-up.” And with next weekend bringing DESPICABLE ME 3, this doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon.


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