Quentin Tarantino and JJ Abrams developing STAR TREK project, Tarantino may direct!

I swear on my life, this is not a joke. Quentin Tarantino might actually direct a STAR TREK movie. Deadline reports that the filmmaker has come up with an idea for an idea to boldly go in an entirely new career direction with a STAR TREK film at Paramount Pictures.

Per the report, Tarantino shared an idea for a new TREK film with producer J.J. Abrams, who took the idea to Paramount and the plan is to assemble a writers room that will put together a movie based on Tarantino’s concept. If everything goes well, Tarantino might direct, with Abrams producing.

Well, holy crap.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way. This is major news for a number of reasons, not least of which is the idea of seeing the STAR TREK franchise through one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. It would also be an entirely new direction for Tarantino’s career. In the past, the filmmaker has exclusively worked on original films. This would be his first time taking on a major franchise film. It would also be his first time tackling the sci-fi genre, which is an all too exciting premise in its own right.

Tarantino is currently hard at work on his mysterious untitled 1969 movie, which was scooped up by Sony after a particularly aggressive round of studio courtship. That film has been dated for August 9, 2019, which means it’s almost certainly his next movie (as much as anything is certain in the film industry before it’s in the can). If Tarantino were to direct a STAR TREK film next, that would make it his 10th film, and he has repeatedly insisted he intends to retire after making ten movies. It would certainly be a surprise if Tarantino decided to close out his career with a big blockbuster bang.

Of course, this project is in the earliest stages and Tarantino is no stranger to film ideas that don’t come together. In fact, the director had a number of films reportedly in the works, including a 1930s Australian crime film, before his 1969 film became his next project. Which is to say that while this is very very very exciting, it is also very very very far from a sure thing.

No word on how this would affect the planned fourth installment in Paramount’s ongoing STAR TREK film franchise, which was set to bring back Chris Hemsworth as Captain Kirk’s father. I guess we’ll find out more in the bold, brave future.


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