Box Office: JUMANJI is welcomes back to first place on Super Bowl weekend!

Though MAZE RUNNER: THE DEATH CURE knocked it off its pedestal last weekend, while WINCHESTER showed promising early numbers on Friday, Super Bowl weekend will now inarguably be led by JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE at the box office. Jake Kasdan‘s comedic leviathan has rose to take its place as the fifth highest-grossing movie at the domestic box office in 2017, and looks to bring in $11 million by the end of today. The next two weekends will likely see JUMANJI heading out of the top five, with promising blockbusters like FIFTY SHADES FREED, EARLY MAN, and especially BLACK PANTHER seeing release, but for now, JUMANJI still reigns over all.

Meanwhile, MAZE RUNNER: THE DEATH CURE landed in second place with $10.2 million, dropping nearly 58% from its premiere weekend, which does not bode well for any aspiring YA adaptations looking to fire up a trilogy. Not unlike the Divergent series, MAZE RUNNER has seen a dramatic drop between its sequels in terms of fiscal returns, going from a $30 million opening for THE SCORCH TRIALS to a $24 million opening for THE DEATH CURE. The foreign box office is lending a hand – the third film has brought in nearly $100 million overseas – but this still should be a sign that the whole YA phenomenon should be shuttered, at least at the movies.

In contrast, WINCHESTER, the only new wide release of the weekend and arguably the best movie in the top five, brought in $9.2 million to land in third. At the very least, the Spierig brothers’ movie outpaced the still-thriving THE GREATEST SHOWMAN, which is estimated to bring in an additional $7.8 million to take the fourth position, ably beating HOSTILES, which came in at fifth with $5.5 million. This will almost certainly be the last weekend for HOSTILES in the top five, but at this point, I’m somewhat hesitant to count out that Jumanji could even survive the next two weekends in the top five.

Here’s your estimated top five at the box office for this weekend:

1. ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ $11M
2. ’Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ $10.2M
3. ‘Winchester’ $9.25M
4. ‘The Greatest Showman’ $7.8M
5. ‘Hostiles’ $5.52M


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