THE GRINCH, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, releases trailer; film due November 9, 2018

Illumination Entertainment has released the first THE GRINCH trailer. For those who have never read or seen the Christmas classic (do these people exist?), the story follows The Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch), who plans to steal Christmas, but eventually experiences heart-enlargement when he sees the citizens of Who-ville being so good to each other.

This Illumination film is co-directed by Yarrow Cheney (THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS) and Kevin Smith‘s longtime producing partner Scott Mosier. It’s an interesting pairing that could result in something genuinely new from the studio behind the DESPICABLE ME franchise, but this trailer is mostly concerned with familiarity as it unsurprisingly opens with a nod to the MINIONS series. The animation itself is very much in line with the art of Dr. Seuss, and indeed Illumination tackled a Seuss adaptation before with the dreadful THE LORAX.

We don’t get to hear too much of Cumberbatch here, as this teaser is more focused on just showcasing the jerkiness of the titular character. But I can already tell Max is going to be the standout character from the film, and as long as he’s around doing adorable things that should keep a lot of folks happy. It’s been nearly 18 years since the live-action Jim Carrey adaptation of the story, so perhaps this’ll get a whole new generation of kids into this Seuss classic.

THE GRINCH opens November 9th.


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