ROBIN HOOD trailer is familiar and anemic, film due November 21, 2018

Lionsgate has revealed the first trailer for ROBIN HOOD, and the Sheriff of Nottingham is looking more dapper than ever thanks to a sleek three-piece ensemble for Ben Mendelsohn. I’m not sure if that’s period-appropriate but it’s certainly boring visually, like much of the trailer. Originally titled ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS, the film hails from ‘Peaky Blinders’ director Otto Bathurst and first-time screenwriters (it shows) Ben Chandler and David James Kelly. and offers a revisionist take on the Robin Hood origin story, inspired by the classic literary adventure. KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE star Taron Egerton fills the title role alongside Jamie Foxx as Little John, Jamie Dornan as Will Scarlett, Eve Hewson as Maid Marian, and Mendelsohn as the aforementioned Sheriff of Nottingham.

This looks like the dumbest thing. How many times will studios try to get a franchise off the ground using Robin Hood or King Arthur? It’s not just a dead horse, the entire species is extinct. Basically the premise of this attempt seems to be “What if Robin Hood was a superhero?” and that’s about it. You’ve even got his Robin of Loxley serving as the alter-ego, Bruce Wayne type while as Robin Hood he’s firing off arrows at a ridiculous rate. It looks totally loony and by-the-numbers and cheap. What’s with the font of the title? Yikes, count me out on all fronts.

ROBIN HOOD hits theaters on November 21st.


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