Box Office: JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM opens to gargantuan $150M!

No big surprises at the box office this weekend as JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM easily stomped its way to #1 and slightly surpassed expectations to take in $150 million over the weekend. Although that’s well shy of the $208 million the previous movie made over its weekend three years ago, $150 million is still good for the fourth-highest opening of 2018, and the highest opening for a movie that wasn’t released by Disney. Additionally, the film crossed the $700 million mark worldwide. That includes $202.6 million from China alone, so the film has a shot at crossing the $1 billion mark like its predecessor.

In second place, INCREDIBLES 2 has a big drop-off, but because it did so well in its opening weekend, that didn’t really matter. At $81.9 million, it was the largest second weekend of all time for an animated film, and one of the biggest second weekends of all-time for any movie. The film has now pulled in $350 million already and almost half-a-billion worldwide.

In other milestones, OCEAN’S 8 crossed the $100 million mark, which could put it well on its way to compete against the other OCEAN’S movies. While it may not dethrone OCEAN’S 11, which earned $183 million, it’s got a solid shot to beat out OCEAN’S 13, which took in $117 million during its run back in 2007.

Another milestone that’s flying under the radar is A WRINKLE IN TIME crossing the $100 million mark. Although the film is now on DVD, it was able to become the first movie directed by an African-American woman to make more than $100 million thanks to playing with showings of INCREDIBLES 2 at drive-ins. The film had made $98 million before INCREDIBLES 2 came along last weekend.

Check out the full Top 10 below (via Box Office Mojo) and we’ll see how these films perform next week when SICARIO: DAY OF THE SOLDADO and UNCLE DREW come along.

1. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom $150M
2. Incredibles 2 $80.92M
3. Ocean’s 8 $11.65M
4. Tag $8.2M
5. Deadpool 2 $5.25M
6. Solo: A Star Wars Story $4.04M
7. Hereditary $3.8M
8. Superfly $3.35M
9. Avengers: Infinity War $2.48M
10. Won’t You Be My Neighbor $1.87M


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