EXTINCTION trailer: Pena and family try to survive alien invasion in new Netflix film!

Netflix dropped the first trailer for the curious sci-fi thriller EXTINCTION today, and you can check it out below at your leisure. Starring Michael Peña as a maintenance worker whose mundane, routine life is interrupted first by unexplained visions and then by a world-ending threat, EXTINCTION looks like a combination of a number of alien-invasion movies we’ve seen before. There are dashes of EDGE OF TOMORROW, WAR OF THE WORLDS and even BATTLE: LOS ANGELES, though the movie’s poster suggests there’s more to the story than the trailer is showing. But the more interesting tale might actually be the drama behind the scenes of this movie’s production.

Producers Todd Lieberman, Alex Young, and David Hoberman brought EXTINCTION to life through its twists and turns. It was originally set up over at Universal before the studio axed it from its schedule–it was supposed to open in theaters in January of this year. Netflix then picked it up and set its summer release date. Not mentioned in Netflix’s press release, however, is Oscar-nominated screenwriter Eric Heisserer (ARRIVAL) or Brad Kane (‘Fringe’), which is rather strange. Here’s hoping the talented cast and creative team will deliver something worthwhile here and that Netflix saw the opportunity that Universal clearly did not…hopefully.

Directed by Ben Young and written by Spenser Cohen, EXTINCTION also stars Lizzy Caplan, Mike Colter, Israel Broussard, and, of note for Jacob Tremblay fans, his sister Erica Tremblay. It’ll arrive on Netflix July 27th.


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