Rian Johnson adds Lakeith Stanfield to impressive KNIVES OUT ensemble!

Not much is out there about the plot for Rian Johnson’s murder mystery KNIVES OUT, but it must be absolutely bonkers because it’s attracting top-level talent at a near ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD level. Deadline reports that ‘Atlanta’ standout Lakeith Stanfield will join SKYFALL star Daniel Craig and Captain America himself Chris Evans in the film, which starts production later this year. Craig and Stanfield are both reportedly set to play detectives—a part Stanfield played to delightfully wacky results in Netflix’s DEATH NOTE—which we can only hope means Chris Evans is playing a murderer.

Stanfield has been mighty busy these days, besides being one of the brightest spots of TV’s most interesting comedy, ‘Atlanta’, which also led to a key role in Jordan Peele‘s Oscar-winning GET OUT. The actor starred in Boots Riley‘s bonkers box office breakout SORRY TO BOTHER YOU earlier this year and landed a role in the upcoming DRAGON TATTOO story from Fede Alvarez, THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER’S WEB.

The actor’s co-stars are both in the middle of their own turbulent times as well. Evans just sent the internet into a collective conniption by hinting AVENGERS 4 would be the death—or, at least, the end of the road—for Steve Rogers as the MCU’s Captain America. Meanwhile, Craig is embroiled in the BOND 25 hullabaloo, which saw Danny Boyle depart the project over “creative differences” and ‘Maniac’ mastermind Cary Fukanaga eventually stepping into Boyle’s vacated role.

Luckily, Rian Johnson is an uncontroversial director that nobody has ever had a problem with (although he really should be). For real, though, KNIVES OUT—for the cast alone—is about to be something special.


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