Rian Johnson’s KNIVES OUT begins shooting, first behind-the-scenes set image revealed!

In between STAR WARS installments, writer-director Rian Johnson is tackling an original crime drama/mystery by the name of KNIVES OUT. Details on the new film, which is set in the modern day and follows a detective assigned to solve the crime central to the plot, are being kept under wraps. Thanks to the first on-set photo from Johnson, however, we do know it’ll feature some ultra wide-angle shots, for what it’s worth. Johnson’s original script was inspired by classic Agatha Christie thrillers, of which there are numerous to choose from. The real takeaway here is that the filmmaker behind BRICK and LOOPER is getting a shot at doing a passion project in between massive film franchise features.

An all-star cast, led by Daniel Craig as the detective, joins Johnson in this original pic, including Chris Evans, Lakeith Stanfield, Michael Shannon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, and Ana de Armas. No release date is set just yet, but with production already underway on what, we presume, won’t be an effects-heavy film, we should see KNIVES OUT in Fall/Winter 2019.

Check out the reveal of the production start from Johnson below:

After helming STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, the central film in the new STAR WARS trilogy that inspired a new generation of fans and an old generation of trolls, Johnson will get a bit of a break from the fandom insanity. Production may have just started, but once KNIVES OUT wraps and Johnson heads into post-production, he’ll return to the galaxy far, far away. STAR WARS fans will want to keep an eye out on how his treatment for the future of the franchise is shaping up, since Johnson is intended to be the architect of an all-new trilogy.


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