JJ Abrams and Bad Robot announce six films in the works from up-and-coming directors!

Fresh off the release of Bad Robot’s WWII-set mutant Nazi thriller OVERLORD, the production company led by JJ Abrams has acquired six new film projects from a host of up-and-coming writers and directors, according to Variety.

Most intriguing among the six genre films is an untitled “female-driven horror allegory” penned by Megan Amram. The writer and comedian currently serves as a producer and resident pun wizard on ‘The Good Place’, on which she’s also written a number of the NBC comedy’s best episodes. Earlier this year, Amram was nominated for two short-form comedy Emmys for her digital series, ‘An Emmy For Megan’. Sadly, the show lost both categories.

HELL FEST writer Blair Butler adds her films THE STEPS to the slate, a “twist on the possession genre” based on an original story idea from 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE editor Stan Grube. An untitled feature on the life of Bobby Hall—better known as the Grammy-winning rapper LOGIC—is also in the works, with Hall starring and co-writing the script with ‘Black-ish’ writer Lisa McQuillan.

Rounding out Bad Robot’s extensive new slate is a moonshine-era feature titled THE SEVEN SISTERS OF SCOTT COUNTY written and directed by Courtney Hoffman, romantic sci-fi film ONLY THE LONELY written by Peter Glanz and co-directed by Grube and Dylan Meyer, and an untitled time travel film written by Ben Shiffrin (NINE LIVES).

No word yet on if or how many of the six projects will eventually become CLOVERFIELD films, but I’ll keep you posted on that front.

The news comes at an interesting time for Bad Robot. OVERLORD—despite being a dope piece of B-movie madness–isn’t exactly lighting up the box office, opening in third place with $10 million on a $38 million budget. But Abrams is also hard at work directing the trilogy-capping STAR WARS: EPISODE IX—Bad Robot co-produced the sure-to-be smash—while also reportedly shopping around for a $500M mega-deal on par with Steven Spielberg.


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