RIDE ALONG’s Tim Story to direct Kevin Hart in film adaptation of MONOPOLY board game

A movie based on MONOPOLY has been in the works for years with even Ridley Scott attached at one point to direct an adaptation of the popular board game. But now it looks like Kevin Hart and director Tim Story will be the ones to “Pass Go”. According to Deadline, Hart and Story are in final negotiations to star and direct, respectively, a film based on MONOPOLY.

Per deadline, a “logline is being kept under wraps for now and a writer and shoot date have not been set. A previous version of the project centered on a young man from the game’s modest Baltic Avenue on a quest to make a fortune.” Presumably, Hart’s character will be someone who’s kind of a wise guy who talks really loud and people make jokes about his height.

While Hart and Story aren’t the most exciting pair, they’ve definitely been a hit together. RIDE ALONG and RIDE ALONG 2 both made over $100 million worldwide, and Hart’s stand-up specials WHAT NOW?, LET ME EXPLAIN, and LAUGH AT MY PAIN have all been hits as well. It makes sense why they would reunite for something with a recognizable brand like MONOPOLY. Additionally, it would be wise not to write off movies based on board games. Yes, sometimes you get BATTLESHIP, but other times you get CLUE. The source material isn’t the issue as much as how it’s adapted, and I’m curious to see what kind of premise they’ll have for their MONOPOLY movie.

Hart can currently be seen in theaters in THE UPSIDE, and he’ll be bookending 2019 with a sequel to JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE. As for Story, he’s been at work on the reboot of SHAFT, which opens in June.


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