MovieKaiser is a blog devoted to delivering movie news from across the web in a casual but informative format. The film industry is the largest, most lucrative arts industry in the world and every day there are tons of new developments. My job is to bring you the cream of the crop; the biggest, baddest movie news on the planet. In an effort to mitigate the sheer volume of media-related information, I will only be reporting on movie news despite frequent connections to the worlds of television and print media. Topics such as film project developments, casting news, director assignments, trailers and clips, posters and web rumors will be reported regularly. Weekend box office reports will be delivered on a weekly basis and special page previews will summarize major events coming to the film world. However, my pride and joy are my Release Date pages which show all the announced release dates for films, stretching years into the future. I welcome constructive comments and questions and I will gladly hunt down any movie information requested by my users. Please maintain a fun and respectful atmosphere as you participate on MovieKaiser but feel free to express your opinions and viewpoints. Enjoy MovieKaiser and go see some movies!

– kaiser117


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